Frequently Asked Questions

Q How much does a party cost?

The range of cost for parties depends on duration, numbers of kids, and theme.  That being said, our party packages are very affordable and allow you to easily organize an awesome party for under $200.00.

Q When/how do we pay?

1. Payment can be made at the event by cheque.
2. Pay by credit card (prior to event)l

Q Where does the party take place?

Depending on which program you choose, Everblast parties can be held at your home or a venue of your choice.

Q What happens if we don’t know of a venue?

No worries! We have many partner locations. Call us at 514-333-8326 !

Q How much space do I need?

Depending on the program you choose, it could fit in your backyard or basement or it may require a bigger space.

Q How far in advance should I book a party?

We recommend that you call a few weeks in advance to be certain that your ideal date is available. That being said, if there is room available we could book a party with as little as one day’s notice!

Q Can the kids be different ages?

Absolutely!  Our programs are great for children aged 5 years and up. And, of course – we’re used to having little siblings join in!

Q Are your games safe?

Safety is paramount!  Everblast programs are very safe and our Play Pros are trained in ensuring everyone’s safety – both physically and emotionally.

Q Do I need to provide anything?

We will take care of the animation and do not require anything other than kids who are ready to have fun!

Q What kind of staff / how many do you provide?

Everblast staff are referred to as “Play Pros.” Our Play Pros are very skilled and passionate about working with children. Simply put – they are awesome!  The number of Play Pros depends on the program you choose and number of kids participating.

Q Should I tip the Play Pro?

If you feel the Play Pro did a great job, feel free to tip at your discretion.  They definitely appreciate it!