Check out what other people are saying about Everblast!

Dalia, Olive Grove School

"We had a great experience with Everblast Play Company. Setting up the program with them is easy and efficient... They have the balance that let them run an extremely fun, highly engaging though well-managed class... For sure, we are looking forward to more programs by Everblast at our school!"

Ilgi, Parent

Everything was perfect, on time and fun. Kids loved it, thanks very much.

Stephanie Rudnick, Elite Camps

"The Everblast team delivered an amazing activity that engaged all of the volunteers and participants of our Swish for the Cure charity event. They were professional from start to finish and I would highly recommend them."

Allison, Parent

Thank you for letting Shannon be one of the first to try your new Everblast program. Her words were "Mom this game is so cool and so much fun".  I would definitely recommend it to my friends for their children's birthday parties. Great job!

Christine RECE, Child Care Staff

Everblast is a great program for team building activities. The children love it and their staff are fantastic.

Laura Sulano, St. John Fisher Sr. Daycare

We recently had Everblast host our last pedagogical day in October. We were trying out Electro tag for the first time. The kids had so much fun playing this game which is very similar to capture the flag. Adults passing by thought it could be a fun game to play with the staff. I highly recommend offering this game.

Mary, Director

Everblast Play Company is an awesome team of professionals that implement fun, engaging and team building experiences for children! Their activities are always fresh and new that the children absolutely love!

Stephanie, RECE

The children really enjoyed the Everblast activities that they took part in.

JV age 7 (girl)

It was fun. I liked the Electro Tag.

LS age 6 (boy)

The super hero game was so fun. The Electro Tag was fun. Everything was fun.

LS age 6 (boy)

It was awesome!! I liked the games a lot.

KT age 8 (girl)

I really liked Everblast. It was really fun because we got to try so many new activities.”

DA age 7 (girl)

I liked the slingshot and all the games. It was really fun.

EH age 6 (girl)

I liked playing Thunder ball and Electro Tag. It was fun when we got to go through tunnels.

MM age 7 (girl)

I liked how they explained all the rules and made it fun and interesting.

EJ age 8 (boy)

It was fun! We learned a lot of ways to play soccer. Electro Tag was great.

ET age 8 (girl)

I love Everblast because of the fun activities like Electro Tag and Master Blaster.

HW age 7 (girl)

It was awesome!

ET age 10 (girl)

I really liked Electro Tag because it was fun wearing the outfit.

Gloria, 8 years old

I like Mitch and Amanda our PlayPros! They are fun to play games with!


I liked using the sling shot to see how far we can throw them! I even got the highest score!

Annabelle, 7 years old

I really liked the activities that Everblast gave us! Electro tag was a lot of fun!

Jake McLeod

It was so fun, we just played and wow, we threw the ball and it stuck, and it was so cool– I want to do it again!