Frequently Asked Questions

Q How much does it cost?

The Price depends on the games that you choose. We have packages tailored for small events and large events. Call us and we will work within your budget. The advantage of having an Ever blast Fun Fair is that we could entertain more kids for a smaller cost.

Q Do you provide the staff?

We provide staff called “Play Pros.” What makes Everblast a great choice for a carnival is that our games come with enthusiastic and highly experienced Play Pros who will take your event to the next level!

Q What happens if it rains?

Most of our games can fit in a gym. If you book an event on a rainy date, please let us know and we will do our best to work something out.

Q How much space do we need?

The space depends on the number of stations. Usually a gym works well. For a smaller Fun Fair, large rooms may suffice. Our Everblast Fun Fair representative will assist you in choosing an appropriate space for the type of event that you want to hold.

Q How many activities do we need?

We usually recommend at least one game for every 15 children. Of course, it depends if you have other activities at your event.

Q Do we need to provide anything?

In order to make the Fun Fair as affordable as possible, we will often have volunteers help run some stations (with the help of our Play Pros). Other than that, all we need is space and kids!

Q What is the difference between a bundle and a premium game?

A bundle is 4 activities in one package with a common theme. For instance, the Giant Games Bundle is a collection of 4 giant games. A premium game is one awesome game on it’s own!