Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is a Funshop?

A Funshop is like a workshop, only a lot more fun! In addition to spectacular equipment, a Funshop is a structured set of activities led by a highly skilled Play Professional.

Q How many children can a Funshop accommodate?

Funshops can handle up to 32 kids at a time. Of course, if you have more than that, we can set up multiple Funshops at the same time. We work with large groups of kids every day!

Q What do the kids learn?

Although our Funshops are extremely fun, we always want kids to have a positive experience. Every Everblast experience emphasizes our Key 3: Respect, Cooperation and Team Spirit!

Q How much space do we need?

Space will depend on which Funshop you select. Although a gym or a large room is ideal, we do have options for smaller spaces as well. Of course, some Funshops are really great outdoors too!

Q What makes a Funshop different from other activities?

Funshops transform an awesome game or series of games into a full experience! We believe the right combination of great games and a great Play Pro (Play Professional) are what make Funshops such an awesome experience.

Q What is the cost?

Funshops start off as low as $175. Our prices depend on the number of kids, duration and the theme.