Fun and fast-paced games for kids of all ages!

An Everblast birthday party takes fun to the next level! Our parties are: Fun and high energy; No-hassle and no-mess; Affordable; Can be held at the location of your choice.

Easy to Organize. Fun Guaranteed!

Who wants to go to a workshop when you can go to a FUNshop?! Funshops are action-packed structured programs led by awesome PlayPros. From short events to full day events, our FUNshops have you covered!

Everblast makes Extra-Curricular Programs Extra-FUN programs These multi-visit experiences, typically run during lunch-hour or after-school deliver exhilarating action week-after-week! Don't have a gym? No worries! We have a program for you!

Tired of the same old carnival games? Mix and match your favourite Everblast carnival games for your next event. Everblast's games are perfect for festivals, school events, BBQs, fundraisers and more.

Tons of active fun!

Everblast Camp is an action-packed camp experience that combines our awesome Funshops and games with traditional camp activities and sports. Games include: