Think carnival games are just for kids? Think again! It’s time to bring the excitement and laughter of carnival games to your adult parties and events. Whether you’re planning a casual get-together or a full-blown corporate event, these games are guaranteed to add extra fun and foster team spirit.

So, let’s gear up for some seriously entertaining games that promise to be the highlight of your next event!

Experience Fun and Team Building with Everblast’s Exciting Carnival Games

Carnivals are not just about fun rides and cotton candy; they’re also a fantastic playground for adults! From high-energy activities to strategy-based challenges, here’s a lineup of 18 outdoor carnival games perfect for adding excitement and camaraderie to your next event.

  1. Laser Tag: Unleash your competitive spirit in a game of laser tag! Players zap each other with laser gloves, earning points with each successful tag. Everblast’s setup comes with cool electro-gloves, vests, and even superhero capes, making it a thrilling team game filled with strategy and excitement.
  2. Master Blaster: Ready, aim, fire! Use giant slingshots to knock down structures built by the opposing team. This Everblast game combines strategy, skill, and sheer fun, as you work together to rack up points and claim victory.
  3. Strike A Light: Become the star of your own game with this high-energy, digital challenge. Players run, jump, and smash their way to victory, offering an immersive experience that’s sure to make your party a hit.
  4. MegaBall: Imagine a game that involves jumping, running, and rolling giant balls – that’s MegaBall for you! With a variety of props, including long tubes and gigantic balls, this game promises laughs and lively competition.
  5. Dynamix Game: Experience adventure like never before with Dynamix. Everblast’s professionals set up the game, guiding players through challenges that test their coordination and strategic thinking.
  6. Survivor Challenge: Channel your inner survivor in this strategic game where figuring out the best approach is key. It’s not just about fun; it’s about enhancing communication and teamwork skills.
  7. Archery Tag: Combine the thrill of dodgeball with archery in this exciting game. Players aim to tag opponents with safe arrows, scoring points with Everblast’s advanced digital technology. It’s a test of accuracy and agility!
  8. Modern Board Games: Board games are timeless and bring people together in a fun, strategic setting. Perfect for developing logic, spatial recognition, and deduction skills, they’re a hit at any gathering.
  9. Board Game Design: Take creativity to the next level with Everblast’s Board Game Design program. It’s not just about playing; it’s about creating, thinking critically, and collaborating – skills valuable in and out of the game.
  10. Bubble Soccer: Imagine playing soccer while encased in a giant bubble! This hilarious twist on traditional soccer emphasizes teamwork and strategy, all while trying not to bump into each other too much.
  11. Ultra Tag: It’s tag, but with a modern twist! Players wear electric vests with LED panels, and tags are registered when vests are touched or hit with a ball. Fast-paced and full of action, this game is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
  12. Carnival Classics: Enjoy a variety of traditional carnival games like Maze Runner, Street Skee, and Slingshot, brought to you by Everblast. These classics never fail to entertain!
  13. Inflatables: From rock climbing to giant slides, Everblast’s inflatables add an extra bounce to any event. They’re not just fun but an instant mood booster for any party.
  14. Mobile Escape Rooms: In collaboration with Escaparium, Everblast brings the intrigue of escape rooms right to your event. Solve mysteries and puzzles in a race against time, perfect for team bonding.
  15. Snowball Battle: Engage in a snowball fight any time of the year! With forts, snowballs, and velcro backpacks, this game is a cool way to have a blast with friends or colleagues.
  16. Mini Putt: Test your putting skills with Everblast’s Mini Putt. Choose from single or 9-hole courses, or amp up the fun with a glow-in-the-dark challenge.
  17. Human Hamster Ball: Ever wanted to roll around like a hamster? Here’s your chance! Climb into a huge hamster ball and roll your way to laughter and excitement.
  18. Team Building Games: These carnival games aren’t just about fun; they’re an effective way to build team spirit. Everblast Play Company offers a variety of games that cater to all groups, ensuring an engaging and collaborative experience.

Book Your Everblast Play Company Adventure: Unleash the Fun at Your Next Event

With these 18 carnival games, your next party or event is set to be an unforgettable adventure. From high-energy challenges to strategic team-building activities, Everblast offers everything you need to turn your gathering into a carnival of fun! So, get ready to play, strategize, and laugh – your ultimate party experience awaits! Don’t wait any longer; contact Everblast today, and let us bring the carnival to you.

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